Featured Book: Sarah's Pandemic Stories by Melissa Fisher Paoni

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Dr. Paoni illustrates how to overcome some of these stresses with simple, positive messages. 

Book 1: Sarah Stays Home

From Amazon: Sarah is a fourth-grader who felt satisfied with her school, activities, friends, and family. When a virus pandemic shut down all activities, Sarah became discouraged and sad. Stress symptoms affected Sarah, including difficulty concentrating, irritability, and worry. Her mother helped Sarah to see that she had many things in her life, despite feeling she was missing out. Finding ways to control her activities and to take care of herself were explored, as well as contributing to others. While she still worried, she found some peace in focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

Book 2: Sarah Wears A Mask

From Amazon: Is your child having anxiety about wearing a mask?  So is Sarah. Sarah is a fourth-grader who made adjustments to her life during a pandemic. She had to learn how to wear a mask so she could expand her social experiences. Sarah did not like wearing a mask because she felt uncomfortable, and she thought masks looked scary. She worked with her parents to recognize that masks demonstrated a kindness power that showed others that she was protecting them, as well as herself. 

Ways to make masks more comfortable and personal helped Sarah get excited to create something that she was proud to wear. Bedazzled. Fun Fabrics, Initials Patches and more. 

In addition, step-by-step directions for a no-sew mask and a coloring page to encourage children to decorate their own mask are included.  Go to www.drpaonibooks.com and download a free PDF Coloring page and decorate your own mask! Share with us on Facebook! @sarahstoriesbooks

You can find these as Kindle editions or paperback on Amazon.

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