Our Stories: COVID 19 & Education

Dealing with the pandemic, has been one of the most historical moments everyone involved in education has seen. We have all navigated the abrupt move to virtual leaning, lost sleep wondering what the Fall will bring, and are all now embarking on a new journey. A journey that we have to figure out as we go.

As I read my friends’ posts and comments on boards; engage in discussions with parents; and browse articles from primary to college level publications; it is clear we all have a story to tell.

I truly believe it is our stories that connect us and in this time of disconnect from so much and so many, I think it is so important to share our stories with one another. This is a pivotal time for education in so many aspects and through our stories we can capture this moment in time.

To accomplish this, I am asking anyone who would like to participate to share their story with me. You can be involved in education in any manner and in any area; student, teacher, parent, administration, support staff, school counselors, professors, adjunct instructors, daycare providers, etc. As a teacher, here is a prompt; “That time during COVID-19…” Use this as a jumping off point or begin where you want. You can include the scary moments, the triumphs, the tears, the laughs. This is your story to tell, your experiences, and the format is completely open to your preferences. You can send a few sentences, a narrative, a poem, a drawing, a photo, whatever it is that captures your story. I will be so grateful for your submission.

You can email your story to me directly at weteach4life2020@gmail.com or you can complete our submission form. I will be collecting submissions until September 21. I will then compile your submissions and share them to our website and social media pages. I will credit your work with your First name, last initial and your city or state (or country if applicable). If you prefer just your initials, if you wish to remain anonymous or have your entire name included, please let me know.

Please share this post so that we can include anyone who may wish to tell their story. We are all in this together and our experiences and stories will shape the narrative of this unprecedented time.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your story!

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