Self Directed Play With Dough To Go by Lauren Ayres

Dough To Go is a fun way to foster language development, creativity, and discovery while experimenting with the senses. This plays such a vital role in child development. As an early childhood teacher I saw sensory play in action daily. Now as a mom of many, especially those who missed out on early stimulation, I could a write book on the importance of sensory play in child development. This is not just for toddlers!! My 7-11 year olds have had a fun time experimenting with our sensory dough and sets. Sets will contain small parts suitable for children above 3 years old. Please use adult supervision.

Seriously! These boxes of playdough will provide endless hours of hands on play!

Dough To Go boxes can be used for self directed play or as open ended play promoting creativity. Let your child take the lead during this special time of play and you can just take a step back!

My children can come up with countless ways to integrate the loose parts provided in each box with their dough. They are also known to combine loose parts from other boxes.

My children love sensory play, in fact they crave it! Rolling, squishing, pinching, and cutting will help develop their fine motor skills. Using cookie cutters, tools, and small pieces children naturally coordinate their fine motor activity.

I’ve witnessed how soothing & therapeutic simply playing with playdough can be for our children. They’ll often request music from Alexa while playing. Feel free to add kid safe essential oils to your session to heighten their senses for an even more relaxing experience.

Listen to the conversations developing between siblings and parents during play, and you’ll witness an increase in vocabulary and language development. During play, there’s a deeper level of cognitive learning taking place, all while having fun!

It is all conveniently packaged into a lidded box for a neat storage option! Pop the lid off for an easy tray for play! Be sure to add the dough to resealable bags for later use. If it becomes too dry, you can simply add a tiny drop of cooking oil to your hands and knead the dough back to its once softer state.

-Lauren, mom of many

I’m Lauren Ayres, founder of Dough To Go. My husband and I are raising a houseful of kids, the older girls have been “home-colleging” during COVID, while younger ones are being homeschooled! After teaching kindergarten for years, my love for hands on learning continued to grow. As a homeschool mom of many, I watched my children thrive as they were offered authentic learning opportunities. Our adopted children craved sensory play and truly needed it, so of course, we had fun providing more and more sensory activities! We hope YOUR kids, friends, and neighbors will also enjoy Dough To Go! I’m so thankful for each and every purchase, in turn providing hands on learning and therapy to all who receive Dough To Go boxes!

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