When Self-Care Becomes a Chore: 20 Tips for When you Do Not Have Time for Another Chore.

Self-care has become a chore! Everywhere we turn we are told how important self-care is. We start to feel the guilt of not getting another thing on our to do list completed. We feel the pressure of having to add another thing to our already jam packed to do list. We should not see caring for ourselves as something we should feel guilty about. Self-care is also something that does not have to take up hours of your time. Yes, spa days are pure bliss but who has time or money for that every week...I mean month…seriously I’d live in the spa if I could. There are so many things we can do to fill our bodies and soul with the love we need to give ourselves in just a few moments a day.

Self-care is important. It helps us maintain a heathy relationship with ourselves both in mind and body. Self-care produces happiness chemicals that make us feel better about ourselves and the world around us. It can boost our self-confidence and self-esteem. Self-care helps keep our minds sharp, our motivation up, and our bodies strong.

Self-care should not be a chore. Next time you need a few moments to yourself, tryout one of these tips that can be done in under 10 minutes. We can all allow ourselves 10 minutes a day to care for mind, body, and soul.

1. Drink a glass of ice water with a twist of fruit.

2. Take the scenic route home.

3. Stop and grab your favorite coffee.

4. Watch a funny sitcom (ok this is 20 minutes but we can use the laughs).

5. Do a Color Street manicure!

6. Listen to your favorite song on repeat.

7. Read one chapter in a book that is completely for fun only. Bring on the romance novels!

8. Do a 10 minute meditation.

9. Sit in child’s pose for 5 minutes.

10. Take a brisk walk around your block or up and down your road.

11. Take a quick shower with a luxurious body wash. (I love Beekman 1802 products)

12. Start a Bible reading plan.

13. Keep a gratitude journal.

14. Pick up a bouquet of flowers.

15. Diffuse some uplifting or calming essential oils. (I love Young Living oils!)

16. Play with your pet.

17. Go on a virtual field trip. Many museums offer virtual tours. Who doesn’t feel better after touring Monet’s Garden?

18. Nap!!

19. Sit in the sun and soak up Vitamin D!

20. Ice cream for dinner!!! (This is a favorite my Mom taught me)

Be selfish. Give yourself permission to care for yourself. Say no to something that doesn’t fill you with excitement, put down that book you just can’t get through, the dishes can sit in the sink for 10 minutes, that email can wait for a response. Whatever you choose to do, try to make it a habit and I bet you will reap your 10 minutes of self-care 100 times over throughout your day. **Also, it only takes 10 minutes to book a spa appointment.

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