COVID-19 Resources

Let us help you navigate the 2020-2021 academic year successfully!

All services are offered in a virtual format. 

1-on-1 Tutoring

Through virtual settings, our tutoring services are provided by professional tutors who customize sessions to meet the specific needs of each student to obtain measurable results.

  • K-5

  • Secondary English Literature

  • Secondary Writing

Distance Learning Support

Through our mentoring program, we provide students with ongoing educational support with a caring and experienced mentor who helps each individual student understand their own learning needs and strengths. 

  • Meet with their academic mentor regularly

  • Set short and long term goals

  • Review their weekly learning

  • Develop study skills

  • Receive guidance to ensure that their learning goals are met

Instructional Design

Our Instructional Design services use proven learning design strategies and best practices to build materials focused on your learners and the outcomes you need to achieve.

  • Develop strong unit and lesson plans

  • Improve existing content  

  • Transfer face to face content into a virtual learning format

  • Create a new educational programs 

Educator Mentoring

Our mentoring offers you the opportunity for professional and personal growth.

  • Respects what you’re trying to do, and helps push you to solve the problem using a different perspective

  • Listens, but knows when to hold up her hand to make you pause and listen

  • Collaborates, shares the air, and lives for reciprocal learning

  • Celebrates your successes

  • Gives you a safe space to vent, air, complain, and develop positive solutions 

  • Models best practices while still appreciating differences in teaching style


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